How to order?

You can securely place an order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I hope you wont find it difficult to navigate around and shop at BeeBaby, but for those, who who are not experienced internet shoppers and might feel they need a little help, I created these detailed instructions.

1.  Choose your product.

Main page navigation is on the top of the page. You can choose product main category from there. Your chosen category will be loaded and you will be presented with links to subcategories, if they exist, or taken straight to products list page, from where you can choose individual product.

2. Adding item to cart.

a) By hovering any product image thumbnail, two buttons will apear:

  • View closer – press this button if you'd like to see bigger image of this product
  • Add to cart – press this button to place the product in your shopping cart

b) When "Add to cart" is pressed, you'll see popup saying that item has been aded to your cart and two buttons:

  • Continue – press to continue shopping.
  • Cart – press to view your cart/go to checkout.

This popup will show for only 5 seconds. After that it will close itself. You can view your cart and check-out at any time by pressing on the 'baby in basket' image at the top of the page

3.  Shopping cart.

Here you can see all the items you have added to your cart, you can change quantity or completely remove product from it. If you change quantity, you must also apply these changes by pressing blue refresh button next to the product's quantity field.

It's advised to log-in before you start adding products to your cart, that way your cart changes are saved to your user account. That is useful if you wish to continue shopping or finalize your order some other time.

4. Check-Out.

When you have added everything you want to your shopping cart and you're ready to finalize your order, go to your cart page and press "Checkout"

a) If you didn't log-in before adding products to your cart and pressing “Checkout”, now you'll be asked to do so, or register, if you don’t have an account yet. Registration is optional, but an account allows you to come back to this shop and view all the orders you have previously made also save your current cart for later purchase. (Logging out saves your cart)

b) If you did log-in before going to Checkout, you’ll be taken straight to the checkout page. Currently there is just ONE step in checkout. You can still edit your cart items and their quantities! This is where you choose your delivery and payment options :

c) When both options are selected and no other changes to your cart are necessary, you can proceed by pressing ‘Complete Order’, but before you do so, please, check if your contact details are correct. On this page you can also add a message or special instructions to the order.

If you need to edit your contact details, you can do that though account management located in Login area at the top of the page.

5. Making payment

After pressing on “Confirm Order” button, you’ll be redirected to our secure payment processor’s payment page. At the moment it’s PayPal. You can read here more about why it’s PayPal. If you can suggest any other reliable online payment processor, I’d love to know!

Important! PayPal recently updated their payment page looks which would be fine, if only they wouldn’t randomly load old style to some costumers! Next step images will demonstrate both styles. Hope it won't confuse you too much ☺

Here’s how you make payment with PayPal:

a) If you’re already PayPal customer, just log-in with your PayPal email and password. Then follow PayPal instructions, press “Pay Now” button.

b) If you’re new to PayPal you’ll see payment form already prefilled with your name and address. You will have to enter your credit card number and proceed to pay.

(Optional) You may choose to save your information by creating a PayPal account to make future transactions faster. You’ll be able to use your account to make payments anywhere on the web, not only my site.

c) Sometimes “Old” page layout will hide Credit Card form. You can unhide it by pressing on ‘continue’ link. See image.

d) If for any reason you do not wish or can’t continue with your PayPal payment at that moment, please choose ‘Cancel and return to Merchant’ link. Your order is saved and you can view it though your account management and make payment from there any time.

6. Keeping In Touch

To let you know what’s happening after you made your order, well send you a few sort e-mails.

a) Straight after you hit on ‘Confirm Order’ at checkout, your order details will be e-mailed to you.

b) Soon after you complete PayPal’s payment, you’ll receive a short notice from me letting you know that I have received your payment and start to prepare your order.

c) I’ll send you one last email after your order is shipped!

Thank you in advance for buying BeeBaby products!

p.s. It would be great if you could send me a short reply to any of my e-mails after you receive your order, so I would know that everything is O.K. ☺