BeeBaby hair bows and clippies

Here you'll find a wide variety of hair bows and clippies in many different colors which are all made of high quality grosgrain ribbon.

Everything in this category is handmade by me just for you. I sew the bows by hand to ensure durability so they will last and last!

All of the bows are attached to an aligator clips which are fully aligned with coordinated color ribbon. Putting them in and taking them out of hair is very easy and won't feel unpleasant to child.

BeeBaby hair bows

Hoping you'll love my bows as much as I enjoy making them. My goal is to make beautiful, quality bows that are both affordable and distinctive!

MINI Butterfly hair clippies
MIDI Butterfly hair bows
MAXI Butterfly hair bows

MINI Tuxedo hair clippies
MIDI Tuxedo hair bow
MAXI Tuxedo hair bow

BeBe hair clippies - solid color
BeBe hair clippies - dots & stripes
BeBe hair clippies - llimited edition

Mini KORKER hair bows
KORKER hair bows
Boutique bows